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About our Chandigarh Advocates

Advocates Chandigarh is a law firm practicing since last 45 years, successfully representing clients in the Chandigarh High Court, district courts at Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. We provide legal assistance in various areas of law which include and are not limited to family law, criminal law, property law and marital disputes. Our firm has been built on foundations of excellent services and commitment to clients. We believe in thorough understanding of the clients’ objectives, anticipating what they expect and devising a strategy to achieve those goals. Successful litigation demands an in-depth knowledge, veritable experience, and diligent preparation to face all odds. We focus on building trust between us and the client since a successful advocate-client communication isn’t possible in the absence of trust. Our core values have made us most reputed advocates in Chandigarh. We follow and abide by a simply philosophy, that is to excel in everything we do. Be it a simple one-time consultation or you decide to let us represent you in a lawsuit, we ensure you get the best of services and a flawless experience.

Practice Areas

Best Client Reviews

The clients’ feedback is more reflective of our performance than what we may state about the same. We are grateful to our clients for sharing their experience of taking our legal advice and how that helped them in their troubles. We have built our reputation by catering to all our clients in a like manner, be those big corporations or private individuals. We are a client-centric firm, working to secure the best interests of our clients and provide them top-notch legal services. Client satisfaction is at the forefront of every service we provide.

Get Right Direction

It is easy to be misled when you know next to nothing about the matter you are dealing with. Your lawyer should guide you right in every situation, whether it sounds favourable or not. One wrong step or wrong advice can result in heavy costs and a setback hard to cover. At Advocates Chandigarh, we have a strict code about being honest with our clients, no matter what. Whether we have a good news to share or we have to tell them the bitter truth, we never resort to merely telling them what they want to hear.

Success in litigation

We have had a successful stint in litigation and our consistent results have made us the preferred and trusted choice of the people whenever they need an advocate. Most of the clients need legal help in more than one area of law and we have experts from various domains and thus are able to extend interdepartmental support to our clients and get even the most exigent of cases resolved in less time. We have consistently delivered results and maintained an exceptional success streak.

Providing Solutions

We are primarily focused on working out the most feasible and practical solution to the problems that clients bring to us. It is due to some unfavourable situations which lead a client to our office. Our team takes its time to get to the crux of the matter, understand its ramifications, know what the client expects and then get to work to achieve the client’s goals. We are outcome-oriented firm and what matters the most is our results and how well we can achieve those.

Meeting Deadlines

Before we begin working on a case, we set out a rough plan for us to follow, about all the steps we contemplate to take and how much time each would take. This approach has helped us stick to deadlines and get the work done well before the due date we had pinned it for. Time directly corresponds to money, the more time it would take, more the financial burden. Client’s welfare is our primary concern and along with minimising the inconvenience which comes along a lawsuit, we try to make it as financially prudent as possible.

Creative Legal Strategy

The lawsuits these days aren’t as simplified as they may appear on the surface. With the complex laws we have in India, as advocates we have to be analysts and researchers too for building a strong defense and arguments. All the cases require a unique approach and strategy. What worked for us in one case might not be applicable in an identical case. This is why we like to take our time to read between the lines, go through all the legal precedents and make sure we prepare to win. Litigation is all about making the best use of all the knowledge, experience and expertise we possess, in a creative manner which ensures victory.

Focus on your welfare

It is always about the client, not as much about the case. We have always been votaries of upholding the rights of the clients in all circumstances, no matter the odds stacked against them. Through our work, we have been able to make a difference in lives of many and it is more of our duty and passion to continue to help the distressed seeking our help. We make sure we understand what the client is expecting and we align our strategy to achieve those goals.

International Law Experts

With rapid globalisation and movement of people and businesses across national boundaries, nature and regional extent of conflicts has also expanded. Keeping up with the changes, our advocates also take up disputes related to violations of international laws. We also represent NRI clients in cross-country legal disputes. Our professional credibility and integrity has expanded our client base world wide.

Speedy Resolution

We understand that given the fast paced life these days, it is very difficult to take out time to attend to hearings, and more so if the matter lingers on unnecessarily. It isn’t unusual for cases to get dragged for years. Unlike other law firms, our advocates devise a strategy which would ensure an expeditious resolution of the matters. We reach the courtroom with prior preparation and make sure our arguments and debates are spot on. In some case, especially matters related to property law and criminal law, it could be too late if we do not act within the stipulated time. We have built a name for ourselves based on speedy resolution of the cases we handle.


We have some of the most seasoned and experienced advocates of Chandigarh to manage divorce and related cases. Our advocates have successfully contested divorce proceedings at the Chandigarh High Court as well as the nearby district courts of Mohali, Panchkula and Chandigarh. We believe in being sensitive and patient while dealing with personal issues like divorce, alimony or child custody. At Advocates Chandigarh, we have a strict code of conduct regarding being confidential about the client’s case and the personal details. Particularly in cases of divorce, we make sure our client is at ease while sharing the details and we keep them informed of our course of action.


We are team of advocates in Chandigarh with decades of experience in successfully representing clients facing family disputes. We are committed to settle the matters faced by our clients in a cost effective manner, without compromising on the quality of our services. In case of family disputes, we try to be proactive rather than reactive in our approach. We make an early assessment regarding the merits of the case and advise our clients accordingly. Every dispute need not be settled nor every dispute should be tried. At times the victory lies in not fighting the battle. We do not have any hard and fast rules, we are flexible and adopt a strategy which would give the best results and caters to the best interests of the client. Keeping in mind the client’s goals, we provide sound advice and counsel and offer solutions which make sense.


Our advocates in Chandigarh are sought after for their high level of legal assistance throughout all sorts of criminal prosecution. Our advocates provide expert representation in all forms of criminal cases at the Chandigarh High Court as well as the district courts of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. We pride ourselves in being able to zealously defend you in court and communicating our action plan clearly. We believe in working as a team and the client is part of it too, so we make sure we break down the complicated parts and simplify them for the client’s understanding. We realise that outcomes of criminal cases can be life changing for our clients and this is precisely why every move is deliberated for its consequences and we plan a strategy with caution and competence, getting our best minds to brainstorm the possibilities and how to counter the opposite party’s arguments and claims. We represent both the defendants and plaintiffs in criminal cases.


Property disputes in India are infamous for being dragged on for years without a solution in sight. Property laws much like other laws in India are quite complex and beyond the understanding of a common man. This makes it all the more important to carefully choose an advocate after due consideration and research. After being around for almost half a century we have learnt quite a lot from our experience of having managed some of the most intricate property disputes. We try to imbibe these lessons and bring them forth whenever we take up a property case. Our advocates in Chandigarh High Court have carved a niche for themselves for reliable litigation in property disputes. We get our team together to work out an expeditious solution and ensure quick resolution of the problem. A delayed settlement means losses and escalating costs. We always try to make the whole process as cost effective as possible and settled at the earliest to ensure the client faces no loss.